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Join Us!!  Become a Member Now!

Join Us!! Become a Member Now!

Complete Membership Application by clicking the link above, and paying your $25.00 annual membership fee.

Review and uphold the 5 Seek & Find Tasks of Membership:

1. Seek & Find prices at retail stores for price comparisons.  Our goal is not to be a competitive retailer, but to eat healthfully for the best price.  If you find a price that is better than the food buying club, please let us know and we will refer members to that location for purchase.

2. Seek & Find new members. The more members we have, the better prices we can get based on volume.  Introduce your family and friends to the concept of organic food for less and help bring more members into the food buying club.

3. Seek & Find ways to get the split cases and large bags of food items bought in total.  If you can find family or friends that will go in with you to buy that entire case or 25 lb. bag, it’s a win win.  There is no crossing our fingers hoping someone will buy the rest.

4. Seek & Find valuable information from references, websites, links and research articles that is pertinent to health, food safety and security, nutrition, etc.  This will help other members continue to be more conscious about the healthiest food choices.

5. Seek & Find more healthy food sources, such as local farmers, where we may purchase food directly.  This way you are doing your part to assist us in establishing local food security and economic relocalization. 

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After purchasing your annual membership click on the Placing An Order link in the membership section and start shopping!