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Healthy Food Hub CSA
Healthy Food Hub - Community Supported
Agriculture (HFH-CSA)

is the first step in building the infrastructure for a local/regional food system.  This form of community supported agriculture (CSA), unlike a farmer run CSA is driven by the people who consume the food.  This consumer operated CSA affords many farmers economic benefit instead of just one.  This type of low to no risk CSA does not require large sums of monies to be put up as shares with the chance of losing it if the farmer’s crops fail.

In the consumer operated CSA, members get what they want and how much they want, through a pre-order/pre-pay process.  Collective food buying allows its members to have a direct relationship with producers and distributors.  Wholesale goods divided up amongst its members means savings.  Unlike grocery stores or cooperatives, all that is needed is a time and a place to distribute the food. This cuts out overhead costs and prevents the need for upfront working capital.

The collective demand for healthy, affordable food is the engine for implementing a local food system.  The members are the investors in creating this system. Local, seasonal foods from urban and rural farmers as well as out of region produce that comes from distribution centers is what is currently available.  A growing membership will allow the HFH to invest in generating a host of social enterprise opportunities to increase the amount, variety and seasonal availability of local foods.  It will also make way for purchasing large volumes of food directly from producers and processors.  The intermediate aim of the HFH is to increase the amount of local food that is made available to members year round.

To join a Healthy Food Hub CSA or to start one in your area,  email us at healthyfoodhub@gmail.com.