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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my annual membership fee cover?

Membership fees are to cover a number of operating cost involved in buying collectively; fuel to pick up the food from the distributor, storage, supplies, copying and administrative support.  It also helps us to cover the cost of split cases.


Am I paying the wholesale cost?

Members are paying wholesale cost plus cost for taxes, delivery, and handling.  When members buy volume, they get the wholesale cost.


What will happen if I don’t pick up my order?

Your order is held for 48 hours max.  If it is not picked up, it may be sold to other members, even if you pre-paid.


What is the Organic Food Pantry?

This is the storage of split cases and bags that members have completely bought up.  Our goal is that we are storing less because members are ordering and prepaying 100%.  The benefit is that members who are new to healthy eating get a chance to see what true whole grains look like, beans, seeds etc.  New members can get started with healthy food right away.


What is neutraceutical or neutriceutical?


This is pharmaceutical grade herbs and supplements to ensure better therapeutic outcomes.  Many of the products available by retail do not this level of guaranteed purity and quality unless they are standardized.  This ensures that a key ingredient is present in every dose.


What if I don’t perform any member tasks?

There is not penalty for not performing member tasks.  Remember, the sum is only as well as its parts.  People who want to be collective and be each other’s brother’s and sister’s keeper are encouraged to join.    

What if I want to do more than Seek & Find?  What if I want to volunteer?

You are invited to join the Coordinators Circle which is a core of talented members who want to participate at a greater level to improve and assist in the inner workings of the food buying club.  Coordinators are given discounts on their purchases based on the time and task they give input into.

What makes the prices vary?

As with a retail store, the prices from the distributors vary based on availability and demand.  The price can change and sometimes it is for the better.