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  1. Greetings!

    Meleiza Figueroa has written a wonderful report on Food Sovereignty in Everyday Life using the Black Oaks Center, Healthy Food Hub as her focus of research.  This is a wonderful and very well written report and we would like to share it with everyone!

    Please follow this link to review the report.

  2. Demonstration on real time food solutions in action. Bi-Monthly market run by Dr. Jifunza Wright & Baba Fred Carter that offers organic produce to our people in "food desert" area in Chicago.
  3. Enjoy:

  4. Have a favorite recipe you would like to share?  Here is a place to do so.
  5. Welcome to collective buying of healthy, healing foods.  The Organic Food Buying Club was started in 2005 and transformed into the Healthy Food Hub in 2010, in order to originally assist patients and my family in eating more healthfully.  Food buying clubs & food coops were how the natural foods movement began over 30 years ago.  Rising food costs are so demanding that we rely upon one another once again to get more for less.  While we can't promise that every price will be under Whole Foods or health food store retail, I am certain you will walk away with bags full.