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Your Membership Dollars

Your Membership Dollars Invested in Building a Local Food System

Local Food Production 

Increasing our local food capacity to meet the dietary need of thousands of people who live in the Chicagoland area is critical to reducing and in time eliminating our food deserts, and to providing local food security. 

Food Cultivation Training

To meet the local food capacity needs we aspire to meet, we must train scores of farmers.  Fortunately, we have a core of farmers with many years of experience in growing food without chemicals that are eager to train young farmers.  New farming and gardening practices to produce the most nutritionally robust food in density will have to be acquired.  This would include seasonal extension, aquaponics, orchards, and husbandry and specialty crops.

Specialty Crops and Products

Medicinal foods and herbs, culinary herbs, flowers, salad greens, mushrooms, honey, maple syrup are specialty crops etc  that would be necessary to address the local food needs with value added products.    

Edible Garden Services

For those who have lots/properties and need help to get their gardens going, the Edible Garden Service will provide residents what they need to turn front yards, back yards and any plot into a beautiful, abundant food landscape. 

Local Food Processing and Packaging

Eventually, the harvest of a variety of crops will need to be packaged and processed for storage and distribution.  Facilities will be needed for the making of dried, frozen and canned food items.  

Zero Waste Production

Bio-diesel, compost, compost teas, and worms are just some of the products that can be made available to the members of the HFH.

Community Seed Bank

The cultivation, cleaning, storing, exchange and purchasing of non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), organic and heirloom seeds are an important component of local food security that we will pursue.  

Local Food Transport

Healthy Food Hub Delivery Service