Community Partnerships
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Sustainable Community Partnerships
Sustainable Community Partnerships

Sustainable Community Partnerships

The Sustainable Community Vendor Partnership (SCVP) is established to support local entrepreneurship in the community while providing an added social and commercial value for patrons of the Healthy Food Hub (HFH) Marketplace.

Opportunities are extended for vendor partners to build their business from established Market Day traffic and create a central coalition of providers who are aligned with our objective of building a local economy within a distributed pop up market model.

Apply to become a Sustainable Community Vendor Partner by Clicking here!

The Healthy Food Hub can assist you in your food business in the following ways:

  • Wholesale ingredient sourcing*
  • Pre-Order your ingredients
  • Collective buying to get the best quality for the lowest price.
  • Distribution and community retail market source for your product.
  • Local food sourcing (taking crop plan requests for growing season 2018)