The Healthy Food Hub Mission
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Healthy Food Hub
Our mission is to create a just, holistic local food system to transform urban to rural communities through education, entrepreneurship, and access to healthy, affordable food.

The Healthy Food Hub  is a Chicago-based community run reverse CSA (community supported agriculture) offering healthier, affordable eating through collective buying.  Buying wholesale, in volume, allows us all to stay within our budget while getting only the best whole, natural foods.  Having a direct relationship with farmers and distributors ensures that we know where our food is coming from and builds local food security.

The Healthy Food Hub is a locally-based and volunteer-operated organization whose members are committed to growing a food system and building a grassroots economy throughout urban communities in Chicago. This vision is temporarily continued exclusively through our pre-order and delivery system.
 To learn more about our pre-order and delivery system, click here:

  We are accepting weekly and monthly pledges from our community. These pledges give us the support to continue our vision of a just and accessible food system in Chicago. Interested in supporting our work? Learn about our weekly or monthly pledge program here:

Stay tuned for new Market Day locations
Coming Spring 2018!

Our parent organization, The Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living, is committed to cultivating local solutions and sustainable practices to the environmental conditions we face in the future. To that end, we work towards being resilient and restorative in our partnerships rather than extractive or depleting in our actions.

We appreciate your commitment to the Black Oaks Forums!  

We are now partnered with Cook County Health and Hospital Systems to bring fresh locally grown and organic food to patients staff and local residents!

We need your help to continue to grow!  
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