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Seeds for a Future
Seeds for a Future

Seeds for a Future: the $40,000 Challenge

Black  Oaks Center for  Sustainable Renewable Living

Is committed to community resilience.  From our near 40 acre eco-campus on the Black Oak Savanna in Pembroke Illinois to the south and west sides of Chicago,  Black Oaks Center is engaged in the implementation of 4 skills building tracts:

The Sustainable Building Tract

Provides the opportunity to learn low carbon, natural building techniques like earth bag construction, strawbale, passive solar, energy efficient retrofitting, greywater and gravity fed water systems as well as water catchment with permaculture applications.  This tract prioritizes the rebuilding, repair and creating of equipment and tools central to a low carbon life.  The 2010 completion of the strawbale connector, the retrofitting of the Collective Cabin, the earth bag wall, the 1600 sq. ft. workshop and the ampitheater are some the projects funds are being raised for

The Renewable  Energy Tract

Fosters low to no fossil fuel use through energy conservation and diversification with renewable energies such as solar, wind and bio-fuels.  The re-establishing of biofuels production, building a diesel generator, a wind turbine and a solar hybrid demonstration project are the 2010 goals for this tract.

The Resilience Tract

Is dedicated to personal, interpersonal and planetary transformation to transition into a low carbon life. The Betty Shabazz Community Yurt, the Collective Cabin, the Guest Cabin and 3 campsites are almost ready and available for retreats, conferences and meetings.  Students, families, businesses, churches, mosques and civic organizations can come experience off-grid, low carbon living and cultivate a culture of C’s.

The Sustainable Agriculture Tract

There is a 21st century need for seeds.  More than ever, climate change, peak oil and resource depletion as well as genetically altered agriculture threatens future life on the planet as we know it.  Saving nonGMO and organic seeds, growing food organically with density and extended season while building a local food security system has birthed the Healthy Food Hub CSA www.healthyfoodhub.org. Please join us in the building of a local food economy.  Buy these seeds, plant them, grow them, eat from your garden and save the seeds for a future.  


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