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Stronger and Better with Less

Eating Light Can = More Energy, More Health & $$$ Saved

This time of year is historically associated with indulgence. On the eve of the Winter Solstice with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction, here are 1 of 3 ways you can tap into the spiritual energy of this season by doing things differently. This is the time of the birth of light, the shortest day & the longest night. Stay tuned to the next 2 weeks as we support you in closing out this year and making the most of this sacred time.


Give higher aspects of yourself a chance to reign! Develop detachment from the emotional weight we place on food, things & relationships. Listen to your body...are you looking to satisfy an emotional need with the food you choose to eat or are you nourishing the trillions of cells in your body with the highest quality nutrients you can give it? Push away before your stuff yourself. Inquire within when you want to justify diving into unhealthy carnal desires. Check-in, what is driving those feelings? Declare a higher trajectory and find healthier ways to work through those emotions. Let go of self-violation. Start the morning with water. Drink up! so you won't be driven to indulge. Flush your kidneys in this way. Cultivate a.m. routines that will support you the rest of the day; meditation & prayer time, reflection, visioning, juicing, herbal teas, work out. In the evening, have a cut off time for eating and drinking at day's end. Closeout your day with journaling, reading uplifting prose, your favorite song. This will help with improved quality of sleep and easy weight loss. Eating fewer, better quality meals, and/or less at meals can help to improve mentation, energy levels, eliminations, emotional availability. Perfect these disciplines for you can never nurture & cultivate yourself too much! Make these kinds of disciplines a part of your daily routines. If you have someone to share them with, do! Sharing disciplines with others helps to imprint them all the more.

Stay tuned for the next 2 weeks as we support you in closing out this year and making the most of this sacred time.

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