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Healthy Hoppin' John

Hoppin' John is a black cultural foodway that was prepared during the New Year in the south. The main ingredient, blackeye peas are known for Good Fortune if eaten around the first of the year.

Hoppin' John is traditionally made with pork. We are leaving it out as a health upgrade. Also, for diabetics, it's important that the portions of blackeye peas be at least 2:1. For better blood sugar control, add two times more peas than rice.

What You'll Need...


1 cup of diced onions can be Spanish onions, red onions, or green onions

1 cup of green, red, orange, or yellow sweet bell peppers

2-6 cups of prepared blackeye peas

1-3 cups of prepared rice ( can choose basmati, short or long-grain brown rice)

Add-In vegetable Options: mushrooms, celery, or garlic cloves

Herb & Spice Options: basil, thyme, cayenne, oregano, curry, or any low sodium seasonings

Step 1:

In a cast iron wok or skillet place your favorite oil: olive, coconut or sesame will give it a robust flavor.

Step 2:

Saute over medium heat the onions, bell peppers, and other vegetables until caramelized.

Step 3:

Add drained blackeye peas, stirring them into the sauteed vegetables.

Step 4:

Lower the heat to simmer and add the cooked rice on top of peas and vegetables.

Step 5:

Season with suggested herbs & spices or add your favorites.

Step 6:

Allow to simmer, covered for 3-7 minutes.

Step 7:

Mix all the ingredients. Serve & Enjoy!

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