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Seed Thoughts

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

"What is sowed is received". As we grow, our reflections can remind us that our thoughts are like seeds in nature; our thoughts create.

Seeding your Thoughts

Craft a peaceful time so you can get still enough to hear yourself. This is an important requisite for planting the highest seed thoughts. Some go on to fast or limit their intake of foods and social activities to be able to hear that voice within that leaves them free of question.

This is the time of year to make “me” time; review your journaling and reflect. What were your accomplishments? Your challenges? Lessons learned? Where are you on the goals you set for yourself? How many goals have you reached? What goals have yet to be achieved? Do you need to set some new goals or alter the ones you set based on a new set of circumstances? What has gotten in the way? Are you seeing a pattern of inhibition? Are you fulfilling your life purpose?

This is the time to throw back the rug and turn all the lights ON. Be totally honest and loving with yourself. This process is all apart of cultivating the spiritual grounds to plant healing seed thoughts to germinate, grow, and bring a harvest. As you focus more on what you want to achieve and embrace the presence of the present, the thoughts you sew can overgrow the invasive, detrimental weed thoughts that kept you encumbered. What you focus on does expand. Sew seeds of fulfillment as you become more aware and gain greater command of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and make more conscious choices.

These types of seed thoughts are from your highest nature, your deepest self. They are the thoughts that will assist you in achieving your greatest potential. They out speak the chatter of the world. This type of thought grounds and affirms. Seed thoughts come after the weed thoughts go when in meditation. When you achieve quiet and still.

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