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Recent News

Recent News

Eating nutrient dense, healthy,
natural, whole food is a cornerstone
to healing you, your family, your
local economy & the earth!!!

Welcome to healthier, more affordable eating through collective buying! 

If healthy food is to be our medicine, a cornerstone to health, there can be no compromises!

Please remember this is a cooperative endeavor!  

Any inputs; ways to make things better, food sources, skills and talents you may have, please click the Seek & Find tab to find ways contribute.  It is in everyone giving that there is far more to receive in sharing.  This is bound to be the foundation for a more sustainable way to live.

"Rising cost has and will continue to make healthy eating more expensive. Food security for our well being is in our own hands.  By banding together to purchase food directly from farmers with healthy, safe food practices, we bring home healthier, fresher, tastier food for less.  That is our goal

To Your Health!

Jifunza C.A. Wright M.D., M.P.H.
Diplomat, American Board of Holistic Medicine

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