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About Us

Our Story

The Healthy Food Hub was born out of a need for the community to get well through food.

It started in Dr. Jifunza Wright-Carter’s family medicine practice over 10 years ago.  Patients needed help accessing healthy affordable foods to get well.  Collective buying with patients gave way to coming out of the exam room and into neighborhoods with the greatest need from Maywood to Southern Cook County. The Healthy Food Hub has been entrenched in low food access areas with high food insecurity, high morbidity & mortality since 2009. 

Our Mission

An outgrowth of the Black Oak Center Sustainable Agriculture Tract, our purpose is to facilitate the development of a local food system from Pembroke to Chicago. By building out a sustainable, community-based food system, we are training and cultivating the next generation of black farmers urban to rural. We are growing ecologically regenerative, nutrient-dense foods, while providing a consistent distribution retail source for local food and value-added products from and to the communities we serve.

“Our mission is to create a just holistic local food system to transform urban to rural communities through education, entrepreneurship, and access to healthy, affordable food.”

Our Vision


Using food as medicine, farm to the plate, we envision our work energizing the economic, social, and physical transformation of the communities.

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